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Hi!:) I'm Tim Durnan, a professional Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter/Entertainer with 27 years professional experience in practically every type of performing venue there is. I have an extensive, several hundred song repertoire of popular favorites from the 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. .The genre of songs I typically perform include folk, older country, easy listening, rock(50's/60's/70's) pop, and broad way; popular music made famous throughout those years.

God Bless you, and thanks for taking the time to peruse my profile! Tim:)

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Tim Durnan

Born Timothy James Patrick Durnan, May 16,1964, in Sacramento, California; Tim grew up in a loving close knit family where God, family and friends were celebrated and cherished above all else.  At age 10, his mother encouraged him to take up the saxophone in the school band.  He then performed in concert, jazz, marching and pep bands up through high school.  His real love, however, was to be the guitar.  He began playing at the age of twelve-after being mesmerized and enchanted by the down-to-earth, warmth filled music of the late and legendary folksinger, John Denver.

     Tim was deeply touched and inspired by the warm and heartfelt melodies and messages of his folk hero.   Denver's wholesome, honest songs of home, family and friends, as well as the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature-exemplified in the mountains, forests and oceans continued through the years to resonate in Tim's soul.  As a result a burning passion and desire was igniting within himself to also write and sing songs that would recreate those special and prized moments that are unique to the human condition.   He has sought to capture in song those most deeply sought after experiences of peace and tranquility.  Tim writes of  the kind of peace and solace that comes from sitting near the ocean listening to the wind and the roar of the waves as they crash against the shore, or the joy and warmth that are found around a campfire at night in the mountains among family and friends laughing and telling stories.   What Norman Rockwell achieved and Thomas Kincaid achieves through their paintings Tim achieves in song.

      Being a devout Catholic Christian, Tim recognizes a sacred calling to use his "God-given" gifts of singing and songwriting to honor God by giving to his brothers and sisters the same special gift that his folk mentor gave to him.  But, in addition, Tim insists on taking his music a divine step further by not only recognizing and singing of the beauty and joys of God's creation but, through his own music, point heavenward to remind his fellow man that God is the source and author of all that is good and beautiful.  All that mankind loves and holds so dearly in this world is only a pale comparison and faint glimmer of the infinite treasure, goodness and beauty that is God, Himself, the creator of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen.

     Tim sees himself as God's little pencil and his music as a crossroads; a place where earth and heaven meet in the literal and spiritual sense of the words.  Tim's music attempts to unite two worlds that have remained, largely in part, exclusive of each other since the beginning of man.  Tim does not profess in any way to be a pioneer or prophet in this age old endeavor but  sees himself simply as a servant and a messenger on a mission to announce God's goodness and love for all mankind, in song.   All the moments, places and conditions that are most highly favored, cherished  and sought after by man on this earth are not to be compared with the untold and unfathomed treasures that are to be found in God, Himself;   the ultimate source and creator of all good things.

     Tim's music reaches into the very soul and inspires.  It is good and wholesome.  It is optimistic and uplifting.  It is refreshing and peaceful in a world and a time that knows and offers little peace to the human heart, mind and spirit.  Sit back, relax and listen as Tim weaves a tapestry of the beauties of nature and romance, of those things most important to the eternal human spirit, made in the image and likeness of God.  Tim's ballads ask us to open our hearts and minds not only to all that is good and beautiful around us, but to raise our eyes and hearts towards heaven, to where all that is good and beautiful emanates from and exists eternally.  John Denver led us to the mountains.  Tim Durnan is leading us to the mountains and beyond.  May Tim's music bring you Solace.

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