Beyond Beautiful

It's like looking at the sun without hurtin' your eyes.
A loser who's finally won first prize.
I never knew it could feel this way.
Like seeing creation on the very first day.
The answer to my prayers to God up above.
You're so beautiful it's painful. I'm dying of love.

You're beyond beautiful in my eyes.
An angel stepped out of my dreams.
You're so incredible! Unbelievable!
I've waited more than a lifetime it seems
For you to come to me. You're all I'll ever need.
You're where I need to be, for eternity.

You are every answer I've ever searched for.
You are the key that's unlocked my heart's door.
Our lives and our hearts now are so intertwined.
I can no longer tell between your soul and mine.
You're all the things in this life I've wanted to do.
You're every dream I've dreamed of and ever came true.
(repeat chorus)

I've died and gone to heaven! I see a brilliant light
That keeps getting closer. You're a vision in white.
(repeat chorus)

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