Did you take Him to the river? Did you teach Him how to fish?
Did you understand that someday He would catch much more than this?
Did He tell you secrets of the world, the universe beyond?
Would you rise early so Mary could rest and rock Him before the dawn?
Did you tell stories by the fire at night, stories about your youth?
Would He whisper in your ear and say, "Daddy, I am the Truth"?

Did He tell you how many stars there were? Or how many grains of sand?
He, to whom earth and heaven obey, obeyed all your commands.
Did you teach Him to love to work with wood; to embrace with His two hands?
That someday He might embrace the wood 'tween heaven and the land.

Did you and Mary hear His prayers at night, tuck Him in, kiss His cheek?
Would you wrestle together, play fun games, skip rocks across a creek?
Would it break your heart to see Him cry because He skinned His knee?
And did you know He was God made man, to set His people free?
Did you teach Him about sacred things, and the God of Abraham?
And did He make you understand He was the one who said, "I AM"?
(repeat chorus)

Did you teach Him to make yokes easy, for oxen to pull the plow?
And did He hold you gently in His arms, and kiss your dying brow?
(repeat chorus)

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