A Long Way Home


Runniní cattle out of Elko, Nevada;

A load of hay waitiní in Layton, Utah.

Snow falliní over the Rockies;

Prettiest picture you ever saw.
I shut down in Cheyenne, Wyoming,
For a day just to wait out a storm.
I thought about my wife and little boy back home.
Theyíre always with me and keeping me warm.

1st Chorus

Itís a long way home; two days gone. This old cabís nice and warm.

Outside the north windís blowiní strong.
And itís night time, a mountain road, a heavy load. Iím pulliní slow.
Snowflakes dance in my headlight glow. Iíve still got a ways to go.

Itís still a long way home. A long way home.

I started driviní truck right out of high school.
My sweet-heart married me then we had our boy.
Theyíre my whole life. They keep me goiní strong.
My son, heís my pride and my joy.
I usually stop at truck stops along the way
To get a shower and something to eat.
Those diner cooks could take a lesson from my wife.
Her cookiní just canít be beat!(Chorus)

I call my rig the ďAmerican HeartĒ.
ĎCause I truck for this land that I love!


Sometimes, it gets hard out here all alone.
But all in all itís still a pretty good life.
Thereís a joy and peace I know deep inside
Providing for my boy and my wife.
My last run is Great Falls, then Iím home
With my family for the holidays.
Iím countiní on my angel to get me there.
My son is home and countiní the days!

(1st Chorus, 2nd Chorus)

2nd Chorus Iíve still got ten more days Ďtil I see her pretty face

Near our fire place.

And supperís on the stove back at home.
And theyíre home all alone.
This north wind moans, ďMove this rolliní stone.
Youíve still got a ways to go. Itís still a long way home.
A long way home.

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