I Need The Seasons



Hi, it’s me. How’s it going in L.A.?

How’s the weather and the traffic there?

I hear they never change.
Are you happy with your life?

Is your new job going well?
They say that autumn here was heavenly.

But, this year I couldn’t tell.

Remember last December?

We walked to the covered bridge.
You felt so warm as snow fell

upon “Lover’s Ridge”.
But, this winter was so different.

 It was colder this year.
And I never once felt warm without you here


Baby, I need the seasons;

the summer and the fall

Winter and spring time.

But, Honey, that’s not all.

I need you with me.

‘Cause without you, you see,

The changing seasons here don’t mean a thing.


And remember our secret meadow?

Picking wild flowers in the spring.
And there we shared our secret thoughts,

our future hopes and dreams.

Then you got that offer;

a new promotion on the coast.

But I stayed here thinking of myself

and not what mattered most.  (Chorus)


You begged me to go with you

to share your chance of a lifetime.

Now I beg you to forgive me f

or being selfish and so blind.

You know I love the autumn colors,

summer evenings, winter snows.
But I might as well be unable to see,

‘cause without you I know...

There’s no such thing as seasons.

The skies are always gray.
If you’ll have me back, I’ll start to pack.

And I’ll move to L.A.!

‘Cause, baby, you are my seasons;

my summer and my fall!

Winter and springtime.

You’re my all in all.
I need to be with you.

Honey, it’s true.

There’s no change of seasons in life without you.

There’s no such thing as seasons without you.

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