The Passing Year (Autumn's Song)


Early morning mist lies in late October.
Smoke rises from the valley below.
The tractor’s silent. The crops are in.
The birches are green and gold.
You sweetly hum in the kitchen, baking bread.
Kettle’s whistling on the stove.

The sleepy cat’s in the window basking in the sun.
The children sleep as the fall wind blows.
Silver frost is on the pumpkins.
Duck’s are flying over the pond.

And peace lies contentedly in my soul
As colored leaves sing autumn’s song.

And I think about the passing year.
And all our blessings from the Lord above.

He’s filled the old red barn with a bountiful harvest;

Filled our home with love.
He’s kept us safe and warm through the winter storms.
Gave us friends that we hold dear.
He gave you and I each other to love and cherish through
the years.

The maples and elms are on fire with color.
Red apples fill the bin.
Wood’s piled in the shed; hay’s in the loft.
The cows have all come in.
Now it’s late in the afternoon.
Golden threads of sunset set the skies ablaze.

A barking retriever stirs pheasants to flight.

Deer come to the clearing to graze.
Thunder clouds gather over the valley.
Apple wood’s burning on the hearth.
A candle burns bright on the window sill
Like your love burning in my heart.(Chorus-Twice)

Ending...Gave us friends that hold us dear.
He gave you and I each other to grow old with through the years.
He gave to me a most beautiful wife to grow old with...through the years.


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