Where The Answers Lie


Near the outskirts of heaven the mountains rise.

A peace fills my soul. Blue fills the skies.
And when this world’s a riddle it’s then that I fly

To the snow capped peaks where the answers lie.

In the pine grows a rose that has no thorns.

She’s the prettiest flower; the hills, she adorns.

And when no one can tell me the reasons why,
She holds me and shows me where the answers lie.

We’re all in this life together.
And no one is made of stone.
God gave us each other
So no one would be alone.

There’s a church in the wildwood where I go to pray.
The Lord knows I need Him more every day.

And when this life’s a question and I’m mystified

There’s a place in the wildwood where the answers lie.

Oh, when my mind’s full of questions it’s then that I fly

To a place in the wildwood where the answers...lie.


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